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Office Depot

Office Depot is the parent company of Viking-Direct. Incorporated in 1986, they opened their first retail store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Now a global company supplying office supplies, products and services. In 2008, Office Depot sold $14.5 billion of office services and supplies to businesses and consumers throughout the world. Office Depot remain a customer focused company and orders can be made by telephone, fax or on the internet in the UK through the shopping portal www.viking-direct.co.uk.

Office Depot lay out a company vision which all of their outlets aspire to Deliver Winning Solutions That Inspire Worklife™. They outline this commitment in the following format:


Making actions speak louder than words and being completely accountable: They do what we they say they're going to do, both efficiently and on time.


Office Depot and Viking Direct act with confidence. They're very proud to win and they seek to push themselves to being the very best supplier of office products and services, worldwide.


They listen to customers and make sure they understand their needs by offering products, services and innovative thinking that enable customers to achieve their own personal success.


Office Depot believe their inspiration is contagious and this enables them to be creative and to help people achieve their goals. They believe their enthusiasm will inspire you!


Viking Direct and Office Depot strive to combine their energy for work with a passion for life. The goal is to create a fuller, more enriched lifestyle. It is a desire to expand and maximize human potential to achieve our personal dreams.

"What we are trying to do is create a global Office Depot that we can carry around the world with one vision and one culture."

Steve Odland,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

These are the things that define Office Depot as a company and the reason’s we think you should shop with them and Viking Direct, today!